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A New Gen Z Combo Is Replacing The Jeans & A Nice Top Look 

For years, jeans and a nice top have been one of our favorite and easiest looks to pull off. However, things are about to change. Now, when it comes to new trends, we listen to TikTok users, aka Gen Z. And according to them, it’s time to replace what has widely been regarded as a reliable wardrobe duo. Enter the plain top and fun trousers combo! Have you grasped the concept of this updated style?

The idea behind this updated style is simple: shift the focus from the top to the trousers. In other words, make the trousers the standout piece. However, don’t get us wrong, the jeans and a nice top combo are still relevant. But if you wish to push your style further, this is one worth trying.

If you think about it, it only makes sense for trousers to take the spotlight now. In the past, our options for bottoms were limited, but today we have an abundance of incredible pairs emerging. Here are some trouser styles to rock this new look.  

1 || Squiggle Trousers

Gen Z Combo

Try pairing these fun trousers with your plain black tee. 

2 || Cargo Pants 

Gen Z Combo

The IT pants of the year will looks fabulous with a cool cardigan or your not-so-basic white shirt. Think minimal effort and big impact. 

3 || Newsprint Trousers

Gen Z Combo

Match these with a white jacket, a black crop top, or a brightly colored tank. 

4 || Striped Trousers

Gen Z Combo

Put on a tee and a blazer (doesn’t need to be striped) for the coolest tailored look ever. Or pair with your vest or solid top. 

5 || Silver Trousers

Gen Z Combo

If you are a TikTok user you probably know that silver trousers are having a moment now. Wear it with your black or white top and you are good to roll. 

6 || Red Print Pants 

Gen Z Combo

Pair them with a beige, pink, or even purple top for an unexpected color combination. Alternatively, stick to your white tank and let your pants do the talking.