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Resistance Training and Ageless Skin

The Connection Between Resistance Training & Ageless Skin

The glow you feel after a great workout isn’t imaginable or temporary. Recent research suggests that resistance training workouts like weightlifting and cardio can enhance skin health more than cycling and walking.

While cardio exercises, such as aerobics, contribute to skin elasticity, the spotlight is on resistance training for its unique ability to reverse skin thinning, diminish signs of aging, and enhance wound healing.

The study proved that individuals engaging in 30-minute resistance training sessions twice a week, witnessed a surge in collagen production. Their skin not only gained improved elasticity, but the extracellular matrix also densified, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Notably, it was resistance training that uniquely thickened the dermis itself.

As we age, both epidermis and dermis layers thin due to reduced vascularity and a decline in skin fibroblasts. That said, it is crucial to find ways to thicken both the outer and interior layers of your skin so you age as gracefully as possible.

Although nothing guarantees forever ageless skin, it is always beneficial to engage in a lifestyle that guarantees you a healthy life and appearance for as long as possible. So if taking care of your skin is the motivation behind your workout routine, then let it be 🙂