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Hair Myths

7 Hair Myths Debunked

How many beauty hacks do you come across daily? Unlike before, thanks to social media, nowadays we are too exposed to new ideas and hacks every day. While this exposure brings valuable insights that can enhance our lives, it’s crucial to exercise discernment. Not all information is accurate. Today, let’s focus on hair hacks; some are effective, but others are mere myths. Here are 7 hair misconceptions you should disregard.

1 || Sweaty Hair Is Dirty Hair

Sweat is not dirt. Sweat is only water that comes from the pores in your head in response to humidity or physical activity. If you just showered and went out on a sunny day and started sweating it doesn’t mean that you should go back and shower again, it only means you need to get into a cool environment and dry off.

2 || Don’t Shampoo If Your Hair Feels Dry

Your scalp will still produce oil even if your ends are dry. This means you need to shampoo and clean your hair instead of piling on dry shampoo which oftentimes can be toxic. Aim to shampoo your dry ends at least once a week, focusing the massage of the shampoo on your scalp. Don’t forget to use conditioner on your ends to reduce dryness.

3 || Wearing Hats Is Linked to Hair Loss

Contrary to popular belief, regularly wearing a hat does not accelerate the rate of balding. However, it is accurate that a condition called traction alopecia can result from repeated use of specific hairstyles, causing tension on the hair follicles and, eventually, hair follicular damage. Tight buns or braids are the most common hairstyles contributing to this traction effect.

4 || Flakes Means You Have Dandruff

Many people think that flakes are related to dandruff. Yes, flakes in your scalp can indicate dandruff or other scalp conditions, this is not always true. Often times flakes appear when you’re not properly rinsing your hair, or if you perspire a lot and that moisture is sitting on your scalp and strands. The best way to get rid of flakes is to dry your head after sweating and rinse your hair well.

5 || A Flat Iron Is The Only Way To Straighten Your Hair

The more you iron, the more you’ll need to iron for straight strands as the process can result in hair burning and excessive pulling. This, in turn, causes the hair to fray. Instead, opt for an alternative approach by using a premium boar bristle brush to straighten your hair, coupled with a hairdryer set to a moderate temperature. This quality boar bristle brush assists in distributing your natural sebaceous oils along the entire hair shaft, promoting the health and smooth appearance of your strands.

6 || If You Pluck Out Greys, More Will Grow Back

Your mom must have told you this, my mom did too, and till this moment, I believed her XD… It is not true. However, plucking your hair, no matter the color can permanently distort and damage the hair follicle till it stops growing.

The best way to treat grey hair is simply to dye it.

7 || The Scalp Doesn’t Require Sun Protection

We believe we have said it before, your scalp is skin too. This means it needs to be protected from sun rays. Excessive sun exposure can damage hair follicles and can lead to dryness or irritation leaving you with dull and brittle hair. Protect your scalp by donning a wide-brimmed hat or cap and applying sunscreen to any exposed areas.