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7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Investing In A Shearling Jacket

Shearling jackets are now wardrobe staples. You’ll hardly meet someone who doesn’t at least have one lambskin coat. And because they seem to be in style forever, investing in one makes a lot of sense. But what are the features that you should look for in your shearling coat to call it an investment? 

1 || Pick your size


Imagine wearing a puffer jacket bigger than your size, yes, it will look ridiculous and you’ll hardly be able to move. The same goes for shearling jackets. It is a big jacket by nature, so you don’t want to look like you’re wearing your father’s jacket by going a size or two up. Just stick to your size. The large styles you see on your Instagram feed are already oversized, it has nothing to do with sizing up.

2 || Go for neutral colors 


Of course, no one wants to invest in pink or yellow shearling outwear (I am not sure if they are even cool). No one will invest in an orange bag, at least when it’s their first investment. A shearling jacket that will last forever in your closet should match most of your outfits. After all, it is a practical winter piece. So picking the right color when investing in a lambskin coat should top your priorities. Think black, beige, camel, white or brown. 

3 || Opt for clean silhouettes


Super fashionable styles may be tempting to some people, but if your goal is to wear your shearling jacket forever, never fall into the trap of choosing something too “fashionable.” Go for clean silhouettes for investing and leave the crazy details to faux and less pricy options. 

And by clean silhouettes, we do not mean something boring. There are lots of options with chic details and interesting cuts and necklines.

4 || Stick to long-sleeves


Sleeveless options can look super stylish, but definitely, they aren’t made to be an investment. Shearling jackets can up your styling game, that’s for sure, but their main goal is to keep you warm on the coldest days. If you want a stylish lambskin vest, go for faux versions, they are cheaper and will help you achieve your fashion goals. 

5 || Sleeve length


Proportions-wise, the sleeves should fit you properly, otherwise, you won’t like how you look. 

6 || Where does your jacket sit


The length of the jacket is a crucial element to keep in mind when investing in shearling outwear. Because shearling coats are heavy and big, the best jacket to invest in is the one that sits at your hips or at your knees. Too long or too short jackets are not an option. If the jacket is too long it will weigh you down and if it is too short, it is gonna make you look too large at the top. 

7 || Shearling details 


Whether you choose full shearling, shearling-lined, or a shearling-detailed jacket, you will have a great investment piece if you chose the right silhouette.