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How to Wear the Biggest Shoe Trend This Spring

Even if you adore heels, we’re confident you’ll be pleased to know that ballet flats are still in style. Recent runway collections have demonstrated that ballet-inspired fashion is making a comeback, and it’s more fabulous than ever. If you’re enamored with this comfortable yet chic trend but uncertain about how to elegantly embrace it, this guide is for you. Drawing inspiration from the most stylish fashion icons, we’ve curated a few tips on mastering the art of wearing this tricky shoe style in a manner that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Keep It Simple

Wear Shoe Trend

Ballet flats are an ideal way to achieve the perfect balance between dressed-up and casual. That said, when deciding on a style, don’t overthink it – classic ballet flats are the perfect choice to add a super chic touch to your Sunday brunch or office outfit without appearing like you’ve put in too much effort. Slip on a black pair with a satin long-sleeve top and a statement slip skirt, and you’re ready to go. Your classic ballet style will go with almost all your outfits from denim to dresses.

Play With Textures & Patterns

Wear Shoe Trend

To infuse a captivating element into your ensemble, consider choosing ballet flats crafted from diverse textures such as mesh or satin. Patterns offer another avenue to elevate your look. Whether you’re a maximalist aiming to mix and match prints or seeking to introduce a statement element into your minimalist style, checkered or leopard-print ballet flats make excellent choices.

Add Socks

Wear Shoe Trend

We love styling, as it has the potential to elevate an entire look to unexpected levels. The combination of ballet flats worn with socks, whether sheer or cotton, evokes a style that reminds us of the classic loafers-and-socks pairing. No need to worry; adopting this style won’t make you look odd. If you can’t wait until spring to enjoy the comfort of ballet flats, wearing them with socks or tights is a perfect option to embrace this footwear trend in winter. The only tip here is to show some skin above the socks to strike the right balance and avoid any fashion faux pas. If you are wearing a black tight, choosing ballet flats with some interesting details will balance things out.  

It’s All In The Details

Wear Shoe Trend

Elevating this once simple shoe can be achieved through styling, and another approach is to choose more trend-forward variations. Don’t hesitate to select ballet flats with intriguing details such as oversized buckles, tie-up ankles, studs, and more. Just because it’s a flat shoe doesn’t mean it has to lack excitement.

Play With Color

Wear Shoe Trend

While we acknowledge that black is often the go-to color for ballet flats, if you’re feeling bold and eager to inject some fun into your look, don’t hesitate to experiment with color. Consider opting for red or blue flats to pair with your green velvet suit for instance.