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How To Nail A Full Denim Look

Denim on denim is not a new style, it has been around since the 60s. But despite that, it is still a hard look to pull for some people. Wearing an all-denim outfit is a super cool way to create a casual yet bold, timeless, and fashionable look. If you are new to double denim, there are some tips that you need to take into consideration.

1 || Make It Monochrome

Wearing the same shade of denim head to toe may feel like a faux pas for some. But if you are bold enough, choose a top and bottom from similar shades. This will elongate your silhouette and draw attention to your whole look. As it is hard to find similar washes from different brands, you can make things easier by choosing your top and bottom from the same brand.

2 || Play With Silhouettes

To make your full-denim outfit shine, explore with different silhouettes. For the top, try a shrunken denim jacket, a denim-inspired chambray shirt, or a black denim blazer. As for the bottom, think out of the traditional skinny jeans and wear loose-fitting jeans or a denim skirt or shorts. Some other bold options are a denim dress or jumpsuit.

3 || Break It Up

If you are a beginner, or you don’t have two denim pieces of the same shade, no prob! The best solution for this is to break things up by wearing a solid or patterned tee to attract some of the attention.

4 || Accessorize Wisely

Tie your double denim look together by adding some accessories to it. A watch, some jewelry, or a fun hair accessory can bring life to your denim-on-denim outfit. If you like taking things to the extreme, you can add a denim purse, a denim hat, or denim shoes.

5 || Distressed Details Look Cool

Some distressed details will add a little contrast to your denim-on-denim look. Make sure to choose only one distressed piece whether it is the jacket or the jeans. Too many rips can be overwhelming. We recommend you getting a ripped denim jacket to match with everything from dark-wash skinnies to mom jeans.

6 || Who Said You Can’t Dress Your Denim Look Up?

Dress things up! Denim looks don’t have to be casual. Pair your denim outfit with luxe-looking elements from statement heels to a stylish clutch to a fabulous red lip to take things from day to night.

7 || Suit Up

If you have no clue about the art of matching, go with a set. Nailing the look will be like a piece of cake. The cherry on top? You will get three outfits for the price of one. Apart from wearing the set as a full-denim outfit, you can wear the jacket with a dress and the skirt with a sweater. Pair your look with a sneaker for a chic yet casual look, or dress things up by pairing your look with booties.