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Not Ready For A Facelift? Consider One Of These Alternatives

In the past few years, there has been an increasing trend of individuals opting for nonsurgical methods to address the signs of aging. Despite the growing popularity of facelifts, there remains a segment of people who are hesitant to undergo such a procedure. Fortunately, for those who fall into this category, the beauty industry offers numerous nonsurgical alternatives that will give you a lifted face.

1 || Liquid Facelift

This non-invasive facelift procedure addresses issues such as drooping eyelids, sagging cheeks, and severely wrinkled skin. It typically utilizes four to eight syringes of filler and between 25 and 100 units of Botox.

The liquid facelift focuses on revitalizing natural contours rather than making major facial recontouring. Suitable candidates exhibit mild-to-moderate wrinkling and mild skin laxity or sagging. Results are gradual and can range from subtle to significant.

2 || FaceTite Radio-Frequency

If you are someone with mild-to-moderate skin laxity, especially in the lower face and neck this treatment is for you.  It is a minimally invasive procedure that employs radio-frequency heat and liposuction to elevate the face. FaceTite facilitates significant transformations, incorporating techniques like buccal fat removal and potentially a small amount of fat transfer.

3 || Ellacor Micro-Coring

It is a minimally invasive treatment that uses coring needles to extract thousands of micro-cores of skin. Ellacor helps reduce wrinkles and excess skin in the mid to lower face. This would be a good option for those who are ready for a long recovery time and have moderate to severe wrinkles.

4 || Laser-coring

Many people refer to this one as a facelift alternative or a noninvasive facelift, this procedure is a minimally invasive approach employing a cold, ablative fiber laser. The laser enables tissue coring, addressing deep wrinkles, scars, and other age-related skin concerns. By inducing the skin’s healing response, the treatment promotes increased collagen production, resulting in skin tightening. In comparison to micro-coring, laser coring typically entails quicker downtime and is considered a safer option.

5 || MyEllevate

It is a manly invasive way to control tissues of the neck. It uses a supportive sling to hold the neck’s underlying structures, providing a more defined look. It is for those with mild to moderate sagging in the jawline and neck area.