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Sheer Pieces

How To Make Sheer Pieces Fall-Appropriate

Who said that you can’t take your sheer pieces to winter? Designers have made wearing sheer during the chillier days sound like a very easy thing to do. To rock the sheer look this fall, follow these tips.

1 || Stick to one color

Or two. Sheer looks are made to be chic and sophisticated, so showcase these features by wearing a one or two-colored outfit. Also, because transparent pieces are statements, wearing more than two colors will look too much and might cause distraction. Try a black-on-black, black with denim or black and white, go for shades of beige or brown, or brighten things up and opt for a pink-ish sheer look. If you decided to go fully black, a cool way to add a pop of color to the look is to wear a colored handbag or jacket.

2 || Stick to accents

Sheer Pieces

Yes, transparent looks are super sexy, but no need to bare it all! If you’re a little intimidated to pull off the look, stick to accents. Things like sheer sleeves, panels, or embellishments are enough to make your outfit more interesting without taking things too far.

3 || Keep it balanced

Hmmm, we know what you’re thinking; it’s too cold for sheer. Well, some days yea, but on warmer days you can spice your winter look up a little by adding sheer elements without sacrificing warmth. A great way to do this is to balance things up by wearing a warmer top if you are wearing a sheer bottom and vice versa.

4 || Keep it lined

Fully sheer items are cool, but if you are not ready for them yet, pick lined sheer pieces. They offer more coverage and you will be able to wear more pieces underneath.

5 || Consider prints

Sheer Pieces

Prints are the easiest way to disguise sheer pieces. They will show less skin and you’ll be able to wear a slip dress underneath without being too noticeable.

6 || Layer it

Sheer garments are super lightweight which makes them great for layering. Layer your sheer dress over your denim and bra or tank top. Or consider wearing your sheer turtle neck long-sleeved top underneath your slip dress. Unleash your creativity, the sky is the limit.

7 || All About The Textures

Sheer Pieces

Amp up your sheer pieces by matching them to other interesting textures like satin or metallic. The contrast between matte and shiny will give you a super attractive look.

Another thing you need to consider when mixing different fabrics is balancing out the look vibes. For example, wearing soft tulle with a boxy blazer can add the perfect amount of femininity to balance the masculine energy.