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Multi-Priming || The Latest Beauty Hack

When it comes to our beauty routines, we are always trying to reduce the steps as long as we get the same great results. But this is not the case with the latest beauty hack which adds a couple of extra steps to your makeup routine. Introducing the multi-priming technique. Just as it sounds, multi-priming involves applying multiple primers on different parts of the face, depending on specific needs or concerns.

Imagine having a few skin concerns you need to conceal when applying makeup. Yep, the idea of using two different primers to spot-treat both issues is quite clever. For instance, one could use a pore-filling mattifying primer on the T-zone if it tends to get oily, a smoothing primer on areas with wrinkles, and even a green-tinted primer on the jawline to counteract any redness caused by acne. A radiance primer can be great to maintain a luminous look on the top of the cheekbones.

This trend can be specifically helpful given the fact that people are moving towards using less foundation. By using different primers to target specific areas, you can easily skip the amount of heavier makeup layers needed. Find the right products for you and make the most of the vast range of options available in the beauty industry.