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Arm Contouring And The Product That Is Raising The Bar

Working out and following a strict diet are great ways for getting those perfect-looking arms you dream of. The only thing is that they take you so much effort, time, and patience to get there. Thankfully, the beauty world got our backs one more time… We introduce The SCULPT Arm Compound; U-Beauty’s new innovation that is designed to be your “invisible shapewear for the arms”. As the name suggests, it literally sculpts and tightens your arms accelerating the results of your workout.

Took three years and 30 rounds of testing to get it right, it’s no doubt U-Beauty’s new arm serum is getting so much buzz. The serum that doesn’t replace your workout is powered by two SIREN capsules; the technologies that are used in all U-Beauty products and are designed to target the damaged-looking areas beneath the skin’s top layer.

Although the serum does not substitute your workout, it promises to give you more than double the results in visible firming when combined with your daily exercising. Containing a rich-mix of active ingredients such as peptides, plankton, probiotics, vitamin C, Vitamin A, antioxidants, and retinol, Sculpt visibly reduces fluid accumulation, optimizes the environment for collagen synthesis, nourishes the skin’s appearance, and helps boost oxygenation.

How To Apply?

You can apply it morning or evening, especially when you go sleeveless. slather it on your arms, let dry and top it with your favorite moisturizer. It is recommended to add sunscreen if you will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Good news: Though it is designed to tighten loose skin in your arms, it can be also used on your neck, hands, and décolletage.

How Fast Does The Results Show?

The SCULPT ($98) claims that you will be seeing results in the first 15 minutes. Your skin texture will improve and you will see fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

After 4 weeks your skin will look more supple and contoured, and your fine lines will be reduced dramatically. And these results improve visibly with continuous use.