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Frothing Foundation

Frothing Foundation Is The Newest TikTok Trend || Does It Really Work?

Just as it sounds, frothing foundation includes adding some water and introducing air into your foundation using the kind of frother you use to make your morning latte.

The latest makeup hack went viral on TikTok with everyone saying it’s a game changer. TikTok users who tried out the trick believe that it helped them get rid of oils in the foundation, as the oil will stay at the surface of the water so you’ll end up with a lighter foundation texture after frothing it.

But how beneficial is that? Although lots of people swear by the technique, experts have another opinion. They believe that the trick only disturbs foundation formulas that may have taken years to develop. According to professionals, it may feel great to you once you apply, but they are concerned about the longevity of wearing the foundation. As the air will thicken it and the water will give you sheer coverage.

So what to do instead? if you want a lighter and a more watery base, then water-based foundations are everywhere, you just need to find the right formula for your skin. At the end of the day, who wants to add an unnecessary extra step to their makeup routine?