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Skin Cycling

Skin Cycling || The New Secret For Glowing Skin

If all you seek is that natural glow and overall radiance, then the latest “skin cycling” trend may be the answer. It’s basically allowing your skin to recover after applying powerful actives to it. 

Because over-using active ingredients do more harm than good, taking a break from certain ones every few nights is recommended for great-looking skin. Here is everything you need to know about the latest beauty trend. 

What Is Skin Cycling? 

Skin cycling is a four-night routine that alternates between using active ingredients and letting the skin rest. The goal is to optimize the benefits of actives while minimizing irritations and sensitivities. Think of it as allowing your muscles to recover after a workout. 

Alternating between certain nighttime products helps limit unwanted side effects like irritation and inflammation. Also, giving your skin some rest from certain products can protect it from free-radical damage, oxidative stress, accelerated aging, acne, and hyperpigmentation.

How Does It work? 

As mentioned above, it is a four-night schedule: Exfoliation night, and retinol night followed by two recovery nights. This will allow your skin to get the most out of the active ingredients while reducing irritation and allowing the skin barrier to repair itself. Also, make sure not to skip your cleansing and moisturizing steps on all nights. So always start with cleansing and follow the exfoliation or the retinol with moisturizer.

So the schedule is: 

Night 1: Exfoliate.

Night 2: Apply retinol or a retinoid.

Night 3 and 4: Recovery. On these nights you will need products that contain nourishing and skin barrier-rebuilding ingredients, like squalene, shea, ceramides, and probiotics.

Night 5: Repeat.