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Things You Can Do To Maintain A Youthful Looking Lips

Nothing feels better like full and plumpy-looking lips. And like every other part of our bodies, lips age… Sad but true. With age, they lose their fullness and become thinner. Of course, other factors play a major role in making the aging process even faster such as genetics and some lifestyle habits. But whatever the case, there are some ways to slow lip aging down and keep them in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Keep on reading.

1 || Invest In Anti-Aging Lip Products

It takes good care. The two lip aging fighters are hyaluronic acid and SPF… Invest in products that contain these two, alongside anti-aging ingredients such as vitamin C and E to keep your lips naturally plump, smooth, and youthful. There are many options; here are some of our favorites.

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2 || Take Care Of Your Chapped Lips

If you have got chapped lips you know how annoying they feel. To treat this, lip plumping products are not enough. You need to consider applying lip masks and petrolatum- or glycerin-based ointment regularly. I personally hate chapped and dry lips so my mom advised me to use vaseline on them overnight every day and now I cannot live without it.


3 || Hydrate

You need to gently exfoliate your lips alongside smoothing products such as shea butter and natural oils to keep them always soft. Prepare your own lip scrub at home or get one of the many ready safe exfoliators. Here are some of our favorite picks.

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4 || Makeup Hacks

If you want to give your lips an instant fullness nothing can help more than overlining lips or adding a touch of gloss in the right place. Using a nude liner similar to the color of your natural lips, start lining the corners of your lips before slightly overdrawing the rest. Then blend out the edges using your fingers or a lip brush. Lastly, top with your favorite nude lipstick. If you want to contour your lips, start by lining them as usual, then choose your two favorite lipstick shades that complement each other. Apply the darker shade all over, then the lighter one in the center of your lips, and blend outwards.


5 || Change Some Habits

Maintaining beauty and youthfulness takes an effort. A few amendments to some of your lifestyle habits may make you a huge favor. If you got dry lips all the time, drinking a good amount of water daily may help you a great deal. Also, foods that are high in collagen such as fish, green veggies, and berries are your way to go for youthful-looking lips. If you are a smoker or someone that uses straws all the time think twice… These two habits wreak havoc on the youthful structure of your lips.


6 || Consider Fillers

If you want a long-lasting solution then you may consider lip injections with hyaluronic acid fillers. What you need to know though, is that filler doesn\’t mean you are going to get bigger lips, when done right it will only give your lips a more natural look.


7 || Would You Lift It?

A lip lift is a minor surgical procedure that includes rolling up your upper lip making it closer to the nose to increase the youthful and plumpy look. Make sure to choose your doctor wisely as this procedure requires a high level of accuracy.