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Birkin Bangs Trend

Embrace Your Inner French Girl with the Latest Birkin Bangs Trend

Jane Birkin’s effortless Parisian aesthetic has served as a boundless source of inspiration for numerous trends. Among her famous basket bag and high-waisted jeans, her most coveted style is undeniably her wispy bangs. From JLO to Emily Ratajkowski and Jenna Ortega, many celebrities and style icons have recently embraced this trend.

Birkin Bangs requires minimal effort, aligning perfectly with the no-fuss, low-maintenance hair trend of 2023. If you aspire to exude a super cool and natural appearance while embracing the coveted French girl vibe, this trend is tailor-made for you. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Are Birkin Bangs?

Jane’s take on bangs, which feature a short and blunt style that landed just above the brows with thinner ends. Although the current version of this trend is slightly longer than Jane’s, it still maintains the blunt and wispy ends characteristic of her look.

The new fringe is a softer version of a fully framed fringe known in the 60s. What’s particularly cool about this new hair trend is that it requires less hair compared to traditional blunt bangs, making it a more manageable and versatile choice.

Do They Suit Everyone?

The new bangs look cute on any hair texture, but they are particularly great for those with thin or straight hair.

If you are getting the cut though, we advise you to go a little longer than you think you need to make sure the bangs fall beautifully and naturally without bouncing up too much.

How To Style Them?

The good news? They are easy to style. When blow drying, direct the nozzle downwards, making sure your bangs aren’t styled too round or ‘bubbly’; you want them to be on the straighter side.

If you have a cowlick in the front, place the brush on top of the bangs and brush all the hair to one side as you dry, and then to the other. Add a cute headband, and voila!