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Everything You Need To Know About The Latest TikTok Trend || TrapTox

Lately, there is one treatment that is taking all the attention on social media platforms, specifically TikTok. Have you heard about TrapTox injections? Or maybe already went through this procedure which seems that everyone is doing recently. If not, here is everything you need to know.

What is TrapTox?

The technique entails using one of several neuromodulators off-label, like Botox to flatten the trapezius muscle, which connects the shoulder to the neck, creating the appearance of a thinner and more prominent neck. It is meant to feminize the look of your shoulders.

But its benefits are not only aesthetic, TrapTox can also alleviate pain and tension in the trapezius muscle.

Though, thanks to TikTok, TrapTox is now one of the most controversial topics on the internet, the idea of trapezius injections has been here for decades.

How Is It Done?

It is like getting Facial Botox or anywhere else on your body. The procedure starts by applying a topical anesthetic to help with discomfort. Then, the area will be sterilized and you will be injected into specific mapped-out points. The number and location of injections depend on your personal needs.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

After a week or two, you’ll feel as if you’ve unburdened a heavy backpack, and you’ll begin to notice results gradually over the coming weeks or months. Since only a small portion of a very large muscle is being injected, the treatment won’t impact your daily activities, including exercise.