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2022 Biggest Haircuts To Try From Now

If you changed your haircut before, you know exactly how this small step can update your entire look. So if you feel the need for a change, this might be a great place to start from. Now that we are going back to our normal lives slowly but surely, we are ready to try new things and go beyond the traditional haircuts that served us very well during lockdowns. 

2022 is only a few days away so why not welcome the new year with one of its biggest haircut trends. Whether you’re seeking a dramatically different new style or you just want some minor trendy touchups to your current look, 2022 has got something for you. Enjoy.

1 || The Classic Bob 


When it comes to short hair, bob haircuts will have a huge moment next year. With or without bangs the classic chin-length look will be everywhere in 2022. It is a great choice for ladies with straight hair. If your hair is thin make the cut a bit longer in the front for a fuller look. 

2 || Wispy Bangs 


If your hair is thick and long and you want to try bangs, go for wispy bangs. As they are light and will add lovely movement and texture to your hair. It is expected that this 90’s look will go viral between women of all ages in the coming year.

3 || Lots of Layers


The more the better. Another 90’s trend that is coming back strongly in 2022. This haircut has much shorter layering around the face; think a longer curtain bang. This haircut will look great when worn with your natural texture and the cherry on top is; it is so easy to maintain. If you want a noticeable change without chopping off all your hair, this one is the way to go.

4 || Big Chop 


Well, if you have the heart for it, do it. I think we are ready now more than ever for big dramatic changes. And your haircut can be one of them. Before you do it, make sure to ask your hairstylist what is the best pixie cut for your face shape. 

5 || Mullets 


Hmmm, we are not very sure about this one. It is definitely for younger ladies out there. You will see this 80’s hairstyle a lot in 2022, just in slightly longer and less severe versions. It looks great on all face shapes so don’t hesitate. 

6 || Long Lengths 


During lockdowns when we were not able to go often for a haircut, a lot of us went for longer hairstyles. Well, if you are blessed with long hair and wanna keep it, you can go for fringes for a change. If your hair is short and you want to adopt this trend, the best way to get long lengths is to make that appointment with an extensions expert soon.

7 || Mid-Length Bob 


Another cool version of “the bob”. If you don’t want to go very short, then this one is for you. This haircut falls somewhere above the shoulder and below the chin. 

8 || Blunt Bang 


If you are a bang fan and you want to try something new and bold go for a heavier, straight across blunt bang.