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Makeup Tips That Will Instantly Take Years Off Your Face

When it comes to beauty, whatever the method, the end goal has been always the same: to hold off gravity and our natural aging process just a little while longer. While we stress on the importance of eternal beauty by eating well and following a healthy lifestyle, anti-aging products like retinol are no less important. The contents of your makeup bag have anti-aging powers too. No one can deny the great effect of makeup in concealing sun and age spots, but when it comes to makeup, less is always more as a cleaner and brighter beauty look can make all the difference. The question remains, how do I use makeup to look younger?

1 || Skip The Contour

Contour has its moment, not anymore. Too much definition can actually highlight aging lines that are better left concealed. Stick to today\’s makeup which is all about the no-makeup look. Instead of the contour, embrace your minimal makeup look and go higher with your blush and bronzer.

2 || Avoid Shiny Formulas

Part of faking a younger-looking skin is to make your pores look smaller. And the more glowy your makeup is the more enlargened your pores will appear. That said, we recommend you stick to matte formulas, as they are more forgiving.

3 || Go Easy On The Foundation And The Setting Powder

The last thing you want is to define your fine lines and wrinkles more. Too much foundation and setting powder can add a heavy layer to the skin which can ultimately pronounce fine lines and wrinkles. Use your setting powder under the eye to make sure that your concealer won\’t crease. And instead of using a foundation with full coverage, moisturize your skin well and add some glow with a slightly pink undertone to create a more youthful appearance.

4 || No Dark Eyeshadows

While dramatic looks can be so tempting and eye-catchy but dark eyeshadows tend to bleed more easily. Which will pronounce the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles. who wants that? same applies to eyeliner; stick to lighter shades like gray or brown.

5 || A Lip Pencil May Come In Handy

Two tricks: Know where to start and choose the color wisely. You need to pick a color that is as close to your lip color as possible. overdraw your lips with your pencil starting from the center of your upper lip then complete the lines from the corners of your upper lip. then draw a small line on the center of your lower lip and continue the line from the center outward. Then use gloss or light lipstick on top to make lips look plumper and instantly look younger.

6 || Add Some Face Oil To Your Foundation

Two to three drops of face oil to your foundation will do magic to your makeup. It will give it a dewy and youthful look without having to add too much highlighter.

7 || Stick To Lighter Lipstick Shades

Like eyeshadows, dark lipstick colors may look bold and dramatic but they will add unwanted years to your face. For an instant younger look go for neutral lipstick shades like pink or peach.

8 || Choose A Liquid Or Cream Highlighters

As we said less glow equals a more youthful look. That said, avoid highlighters that contain glitter and don’t use too much product as it may highlight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Another thing, the placement of your highlighter matters if you want to look younger. For example, you don’t want to apply a shimmery highlighter on your brow bone, that can look dated and tends to pull down the eye which is the last thing you want.

9 || Shape Your Brows Carefully

Great eyebrows make up for a great youthful look. Instead of shaping a defined arch with strokes, try softening your brow shape and diminishing the arch using a soft pencil.

10 || Apply Powder Blush Strategically

With age, your skin may look more dull and gray.. Applying too much blush will make your face look grayish. So make sure to apply the right amount in the right areas like apples of the cheeks.