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Glycolic Acid Deodorant

Glycolic Acid Deodorant is Trending || Is It Worth All The Hype?

As the trend claims, you will say goodbye to odors and darkness in your armpits. A common ingredient in face serums, alpha-hydroxy acid is known for its ability to improve blemishes and signs of aging. And now according to TikTok (Again), glycolic acid can be used as a natural deodorant for the underarms.

With over 8.7 million views on the hashtag #glycolicacidasdeodorant on TikTok, a lot of beauty enthusiasts have ditched their deodorants and swiped them with glycolic acid toners with the most popular product being The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution. But how true is that and is it actually safe?

What Do You Need To Know About Glycolic Acid?

Also referred to as alpha-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliator. Because it has a small molecule, it easily penetrates into the skin and breaks the bonds between dead skin cells, which helps to resurface the top layer of the skin. After a while of using glycolic acid, you will notice an improvement in pigmentation and rough skin texture.

Like any other active ingredient glycolic acid can have some drawbacks, that’s why it is recommended to use at night at relatively low percentages once or twice weekly. Also, it is so important to use your SPF regularly when using this acid as it makes the skin sensitive to sunlight. Avoid overuse as it can lead to over-exfoliation, which can break the skin barrier function and lead to irritation, dehydration, and breakouts.

Is Glycolic Acid A Good Alternative To Deodorant?

TikTok users reviewed that glycolic acid underarms helped in stopping sweat, preventing body odor, minimizing pigmentation, and breaking down dead skin cells. Dermatologists say that glycolic acid lowers the pH of the underarm, creating an inhospitable environment for odor-causing bacteria which explains why it reduces body odor. But on the other hand, water from sweat will neutralize glycolic acid, reducing any benefits of the acid application.

The one thing that glycolic acid can improve for sure is underarm pigmentation. And this is because it exfoliates the area promoting a more rapid cell turnover and reducing the thickening of the skin that leads to underarm hyperpigmentation.

The Bottom Line?

Even though glycolic acid does actually help with odor and pigmentation, there are better options to use underarms for these purposes. Avoid it completely if you’re having a course of laser hair removal in the underarm area. Also, avoid overuse as it can cause irritation and compromise the skin’s protective barrier which is very undesirable in hot and humid environments like underarms.