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These Microtrends Taking Center Stage This Spring

There are two approaches to refreshing your appearance: opt for a quick and easy change, such as adding a new accessory, experimenting with an updated silhouette, or making a subtle styling tweak. Alternatively, you can take the more challenging route and drastically change your entire aesthetic. This is exactly the difference between micro and major trends.

If you’re not quite prepared to fully embrace major trends, here are six microtrends to consider for a stylish refresh.

1 || Off-The-Shoulder Tops


You can’t go wrong with an Off-the-shoulder top. It serves as a perfect transitional piece, seamlessly taking you from winter to spring and from desk to dinner. Whether you dress it up or down, these pieces ensure a feminine yet elegant look, no matter your styling choice.

2 || Skinny Jeans


While many of us are already over skinny jeans, they are currently in the spotlight again. The super-slim silhouette has been making frequent appearances lately, and surprisingly, we find ourselves missing it. If you’re in search of a fresh denim trend for the season, perhaps it’s time to reconsider this old favorite.

3 || Costume Jewellery


This season, costume jewelry is replacing the subtle accessorizing that went hand in hand with the rise of quiet-luxury aesthetics. We have seen big, chunky, ornate, and statement pieces on everyone’s runways from Alexander McQueen to Schiaparelli. A major way to bring the fun back to dressing up. The rule here is: more is more.

4 || Leopard Prints


If you’re seeking a quick way to infuse an intriguing touch into your look, look no further than a leopard print item. Whether it’s a top, bottom, dress, or a small accessory like shoes, a bag, or a headband, it will undoubtedly enhance the attractiveness of your overall appearance.

5 || High & Tall Boots


High-heeled over-the-knee boots are still in, and they’re not limited to winter wear. Combine them with your mini skirt and a cozy knit, and you’ve got a street style-worthy ensemble.

6 || Stripes

Do they ever go out of style? The timeless print somehow finds its way back into style each year. Whether it’s vertical or horizontal, wide or narrow, blending stripes in various colors and shapes is highly fashionable this year. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, opting for a striped look is an excellent choice.