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Hat Hair

Hat Hair? Here’s What To Do About It

If hats are part of your winter looks, then we’re sure you have this not-very-cool hair experience after taking them off. Yes, a woolen hat brings a touch of style to your outfits and keeps you warm, but it has the disadvantage of messing up your hair when you take it off. After the contact with wool, your hair gets fragile. Simply because the hair fiber tends to break down due to friction leaving your hair a victim of static electricity (Hello frizz!) It also causes a loss of volume at the roots. To keep your hair as fresh as it was before putting on that stylish hat, read our tips below. 

1 || Put Your Hair On the Opposite Side 

Before putting on your hat place your hair opposite to its usual side. Then when you take it off put your part back to its usual place. This way your hair saves its volume at the roots. This is a simple trick but is super effective.

2 || Don’t Brush Your Hair After Taking Off Your Hat

After taking off your hat, it can be tempting to reach for a brush to smooth things out. Don’t do this! As it can leave you with frizzy hair and no one wants that. Comb your hair thoroughly using your fingers, then use a texturizing spray or a dry shampoo to refresh things up a bit. 

3 || Brushing Your Hair Morning & Evening Is Essential

Small constant actions make a huge difference. Try to get into the habit of brushing your hair morning and evening using a good brush and hair night cream or oil. For optimal use, apply the cream or oil to the brush then comb your hair thoroughly. This way you spread the cream evenly and you don’t overload the hair fibers. 

4 || Try Wearing A Silk Scarf Under Your Hat

Chances are you already use silk pillowcases to keep your hairstyle in place and keep your strands healthy. Well, try to use the same trick when wearing your hat. Fold your silk scarf in half and wear it as a bandana under your hat. Remember to hide the ends of your scarf so that it doesn’t ruin your look. 

5 || Save The Hat Look For Day Two

We wear a hat to add a cool effect to our winter looks. Not to mention that it keeps us warm. Do this, but leave it for day two. Enjoy your fresh good-looking hair after your blow-dried it to sleek perfection. Wear your hat when your hair doesn’t look its best. 

6 || Choose The Right Hat Hairstyle

If you hate how flat your hair looks after taking off your hat, it’s maybe because you’re choosing the wrong hat hairstyle. Textured waves, loose braids, or a low messy bun are some of the best hairstyles for a hat look.