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Joan Collins

Joan Collins’s Beauty Secrets for a Youthful Glow at 90

Embracing signs of aging is not as hard as many may think. All you need to do is follow the right yet simple beauty regimen, and this is precisely what Joan Collins does to maintain her radiant appearance at 90. Read below for a glimpse of her beauty secrets—nothing complicated, and no needles included 🙂

For Collins, consistency is key! Her mom advised her to moisturize and use night cream, and she adhered to this guidance faithfully, passing it on to her daughters, who also boast great skin according to their mother.

She is so disciplined; never sleeps with her makeup on, or skips her creams or SPF.

“I don’t go to bed without taking off my makeup and putting on night cream. My mother had me and sister Jackie doing that when we were 14.”

Collins firmly believes that achieving flawless skin requires making skin health a regular habit.

“I have always worn sun protection, and have kept my face away from harmful rays since I was 20. You should see me when I wake up in the morning: My face is so white, it’s like a sheet.”

Joan Collins

The good news is that Collins has her own beauty line formulated for sensitive skin. Her brand aims not only to inspire women but also to provide them with the tools to feel and be beautiful at any age.

“For Dame Joan, taking care of the skin starts young and never stops,” the site says. “Her belief is that anything applied to the skin should be good for it and that good cosmetics should also protect.”