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Kitty Cut

Kitty Cut || 2024’s Biggest Hair Cut Trend

What Is The Kitty Cut?

The kitty cut is a refined and softer take on the popular wolf cut and ’70s-inspired shag hairstyles. Distinguished by its feline-like charm, with much finer, face-framing layers and feathered ends. It is also known for its chunkier curtain bang. It features long layers that frame the face and a curtain fringe to create a “feline” silhouette. The kitty cut suits all hair lengths, it looks specifically great on a shoulder or collarbone length.

With 400% Google searches and 120.9 million views on TikTok, the haircut is set to be one of 2024’s key hair trends. Even celebrities are on board: Laura Harrier, Jenna Ortega, and Billie Eilish have all adopted the cut! This may explain the fact that it is the most requested haircut at the moment.

How To Style It?

For those with fine hair, start by blow-drying and then use a curling wand to define each layer. Alternatively, achieve a heat-free option by braiding the hair down the center, and tucking the bangs behind the ears for a subtle bend. To achieve a more structured look, opt for blow-drying with a blow-dry brush.

For individuals blessed with wavy or curly hair, simplicity is key. Allow your hair to air-dry naturally, then apply a finishing cream for a polished and radiant finish. The Kitty Cut offers a stylish and low-maintenance option for those looking to stay on-trend with minimal effort.