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Denim Trends

The Denim Trends We’ll Be Wearing This Spring

At this time of year, I find it perfect for rocking denim outfits. The allure of a new season and the prospect of new fashion trends are truly rejuvenating. Considering the timeless appeal of jeans and the constant evolution in denim fashion each season, we’re eagerly anticipating experimenting with new looks. Join me in exploring the top denim trends of 2024 to assist you in selecting your next stylish denim outfits.

1 || Extremely Flared Jeans

Denim Trends

The flared jeans style holds a unique charm, embodying French elegance and embracing the ’70s aesthetic. It seamlessly combines the best elements of both skinny and wide-leg denim, offering a distinctive fusion.

Extremely flared jeans is one of the biggest jeans trends for spring. They feature a tight fit until about mid-calf, from where the fabric dramatically flares out, crafting a visually striking silhouette.

2 || Deep Washes

We are familiar with dark-wash denim as it is not new. So what’s with it? It is just that the indigo denim feels fresh after the lighter washes took center stage in the past seasons. If you are buying one shade this season, deep-indigo jeans is the one to own.

3 || Loose & Puddle

Denim Trends

No one says no to an extra dose of comfort. What if this comfort also comes with a touch of trendiness? Slouchy, wide-leg extra-long jeans maintain their position as one of the most prominent denim silhouettes this spring. They have consistently dominated street-style photos for quite some time. Pair them effortlessly with oversized button-downs or with embroidered blouses and bra tops and you are all set.

4 || Cargo Jeans

Cargo pants will continue to dominate in 2024 with an emphasis on denim cargo pants. We love the relaxed and cool aesthetic of it. Pair with more dressed-up tops and fancy flats to create a unique look.

5 || White Denim

Denim Trends

Incorporating these hues into your wardrobe promises to infuse an immediate sense of freshness into your spring ensembles. Don’t hesitate to experiment with a pair, it’s a surefire way to elevate your style game!

6 || Double-Denim

Denim Trends

Elevate your office wardrobe with refined denim pieces specifically tailored for the workplace. The runways of spring 2024 showcased numerous denim suit styles and polished denim ensembles, signaling a shift in the way we dress for work this year. Get ready for a transformation in professional style.

7 || Turn-Up

Denim Trends

The turn-up is trending, so whether you buy a long pair and DIY them or you buy an already cuffed one, you are good. Take inspiration from street-style photos, you will find many. 

8 || Jeans As Occasionwear

Denim Trends

Now you can wear denim to your fancy events without feeling too casual. In spring 2024, We have seen many denim dresses and skirts ranging from fun ruffled numbers to actual gowns and we are happy about it. When it comes to styles available, the sky is the limit. Think floor-grazing silhouettes, mermaid skirts, and high-low hems.

9 || Embellished

Denim Trends

The delightful energy that embellishments infuse into any garment is simply irresistible. In past seasons, these cheerful studs adorned handbags, shoes, tops, and more. This spring, designers are incorporating them into denim. Whether it’s floral embroidery, mirrored eyelet accents, studs, or sparkles, let your jeans become the life of the party wherever you go in 2024.