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Can Botox Improve Your Posture?

Botox is our ultimate treatment for slowing down signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. And its wonders do not stop here actually. 

Another -usually ignored- sign of aging that Botox can solve is our posture. Yes, you heard it right… The injectable neurotoxic protein can correct your tech neck posture by relaxing your neck and shoulders muscles. 

If you’re someone who spends long periods driving or on your computer or phone, chances are your neck and shoulder muscles will become overactive and stressed over time. These stiff muscles pull the head into a forward position which can then cause the shoulders and traps to compensate into a hunched appearance. Ending up with a bad posture. 

What Does Botox Do? How Is It Done? 

It simply relaxes neck and shoulders muscles forcing them to correct themselves. Your doctor will inject the trapezius muscles which helps with back and neck pain. It also helps in straightening your posture. 

What’s After The Treatment? 

Well, it is important to know that Botox won’t correct your posture magically. It is only a head start… You will need to put some effort to make things work. How? your doctor will advise you on some movements to train the right muscles as the injected ones began to relax. she might recommend you to roll your shoulders back while driving so that your neck would follow. 

After the treatment, you might get sore quicker when you’re sitting the wrong way. So whenever you feel uncomfortable, try to roll your shoulders back and sit straight. 

Exactly like face Botox, you should avoid strenuous exercise for at least an hour. Also, to avoid bruising, steer clear of alcohol one day before and one day after your treatment. Another thing that you will be recommended not to do six hours after the treatment is massaging the injected area.