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How To Get Rid Of Breakouts On Your Derriere?

There is nothing more annoying than a stubborn pimple that won’t go away. What if this pimple decided to appear on your butt for some reason; that would be a true pain in the ass. Just like that pesky acne appears on the face right before a big event, it may also appear on other parts of the body in the most unexpected times like your beach day for example.

 So if your derriere breakouts get you embarrassed to reveal more skin at the beach, believe us you are not alone. These breakouts are caused by a variety of factors; heat, tight clothes, sweat, a new body wash, and most importantly by blocked pores. The irritation could also be from folliculitis, which is inflamed hair follicles.

The good news is, these pimples can be treated at home with some simple tricks.

1 || Wash Your Clothes Regularly

It is recommended to change your sweaty clothes as soon as you get home, same goes for wet swimsuits or any other damp clothing. Built-up sweat or moisture can clog your bores causing acne. Try to at least wash after two wears.

2 || Exfoliate But Don’t Scrub

Exfoliating once to twice a week is the secret for a bump-free and smooth skin. Yep, exfoliating is great but you should avoid harsh scrubs and stick to chemical products with ingredients such as alpha and beta hydroxy. These will help remove dead skin and prevent clogging pores.

3 || Avoid Wearing Too Tight Clothes

And wear breathable fabrics. This is a very important point. Naturally bacteria sits on the clothing, but too tight clothes will make this bacteria move back and forth in your pores causing acne. You might consider taking a break from spandex or skinny jeans in favor of a looser and more breathable bottom. Choose clothing, especially underwear, made from natural cotton.

4 || Rinse After You Sweat

Make sure to shower after your sweaty workout session to prevent clogging pores. We Know how tired you are, but you will need to wash all the dirt, sweat and bacteria off your body if you want a soft and smooth skin down there.

5 || Zinc Creams May Help

Zinc is a great mineral that has been proven to treat and calm acne and irritation. That said, try to use a cream that contains zinc to reduce breakouts on your butt.

6 || Moisturize

Every part of your body requires constant moisturizing including your buttocks. After shower use a deep hydrating cream to keep the area soft and protected.

7 || Tea Tree Oil

This magic hack though! Tea tree oil has been used for centuries to treat different wounds and injuries. A great way to soothe butt acne is by using a warm cloth with few drops of tea tree oil.

8 || Use Spot Treatment

Now it is time for spot treatment. At the end of your skincare routine go ahead and dampen a cotton swab or tissue with water and wipe the blemished area to remove the skincare products that were just applied..


Now is the perfect time to apply the acne spot treatment and let it dry! After that you might be left with a discolored scar, that’s when you need to use fading gels.