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Susu Jumps

Our Exclusive Interview With Samiha of Susu Jumps

CIIN is about to jump into an exciting interview session with a jump rope enthusiast extraordinaire. From a classic childhood activity jumping rope has evolved into a popular challenging fitness routine for people of all ages.

Samiha (SuSu Jumps) is a master of the ropes and has answered all our questions and shared some cool jump rope tips. 

What inspired you to start jumping rope?

Susu Jumps

I started jump rope to add variety to my workout routine during covid. I was becoming bored with traditional cardio and running on the treadmill and was searching for fun and creative ways to challenge my fitness levels and coordination.

My best friend told me to try jumping rope, but I thought it was WAY too difficult because I had 0 coordination skills. I then started watching some jump rope videos on Instagram and was instantly drawn to the fast-paced, rhythmic movements that were so challenging but also a fun way to challenge my physical and mental endurance. It’s an excellent way to improve cardiovascular endurance, develop coordination and agility while having fun.

Are you interested in becoming a jump rope instructor?

Susu Jumps

Not now to be honest but would love to guide people with a few tips and tricks if they reach out to me on Instagram. I believe there is so much potential for people to improve their fitness levels while having fun with this simple and effective exercise. It’s very challenging at first but it’s so worth it in the long run. It’s a fantastic way to get your heart rate up, burn calories, and improve overall physical health regardless of age or fitness level.

Will you give your classes in person or online?

I am currently not interested in giving any classes but I’m down to maybe do a workshop soon or give some advice via Instagram DMS.

How do you build your jump rope routine?

I built my jump rope routine based on my fitness levels as I was learning. I always start with a basic warm-up to prepare my body and ensure that my muscles and joints are ready for the more intense moves that I usually start 20 in. So basically, I begin with some basic jump rope tricks and gradually add more challenging moves as my body becomes accustomed to the workload.

Which jump rope is best for beginners?

Susu Jumps

The best jump rope for beginners is a beaded rope made of durable material. The beads give more momentum to beginners because it’s heavier and make learning the basics a bit easier because it gives more control. Dope Ropes sell my favorite ropes, they changed my form. Keep in mind that the rope should be adjustable to the height of the user and comfortable to handle.

How many jump rope tricks are there?

There are COUNTLESS jump rope tricks that one can learn. That’s what makes it so fun. From basic jumps to more complicated moves like the crisscross, double unders, crossovers, and side swings, the list of jump rope tricks is virtually endless.

What are the common mistakes beginners make when learning to jump rope?

The most common mistake beginners make is trying to jump too high and too fast, which affects their timing and rhythm. Also jumping too high could lead to injury because of the impact. Another VERY common mistake is not sizing your rope correctly. It is impossible for someone to jump using a rope that is too long, they will keep tripping and tire out very quickly. Also gripping the rope too tightly can lead to fatigue and improper wrist movement.

What type of jump rope is best for beginners? Is there a difference between jump ropes?

Susu Jumps

A beaded jump rope made of durable material is best for beginners. My go-to brand for my jump ropes is dope ropes! They are top-quality ropes that can last for a very long time with proper care. Keep in mind that there is a vast difference between jump ropes specifically built for speed jumpers, which are thinner and have more cable-like cores, while others have thicker ropes for beginner-friendly jumping.

How can someone improve their footwork and coordination when jumping rope?

Consistency is key to improving footwork and coordination when jumping rope. A beginner should focus on practicing basic jumping techniques with proper form. As their skills develop, they can gradually add more challenging exercises and tricks to their routine. It’s also mentally challenging which makes it way more interesting!

Should you jump rope every day? If so, for how long?

I personally jump rope every day because I’ve slowly conditioned my body to it. Beginners should take rest days and not jump for too long because they can cause unwanted injuries. Jump rope workouts are effective for burning calories and improving cardiovascular health so yes, it’s a great exercise to do daily. Beginners can start with a 10-15-minute session and gradually increase their session time to 30 minutes or more.

Is jump rope considered a HIIT workout?

Susu Jumps

Yes, jump rope is considered a great HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) exercise as it involves high-intensity bursts of jumps followed by brief recovery periods. It literally works every single muscle in the body. It is the ONLY form of exercise that I practice. I don’t run or go to the gym anymore.

What are the benefits of incorporating jump rope into a fitness routine?

Incorporating jump rope into your fitness routine offers numerous health benefits, including improving cardiovascular endurance, burning calories, developing agility, coordination, and good balance. It can also help improve body composition and reduce body fat percentage.

Do you have any tips for transitioning from basic jumps to more advanced jump rope tricks?

Susu Jumps

The key to transitioning from basic jumps to more advanced jump rope tricks is plenty of patience and consistency. Start by mastering the basic jumps with perfect form (even if it takes months) then gradually add more complicated moves. Learning one trick at a time is essential, as each trick requires different techniques. Practice makes perfect!

Do you have a good playlist for your routines?

Yes, I typically incorporate upbeat music that sets the mood for my jumping routine. I also have a playlist only for double unders to help me get into the rhythm. Afro-beats, Latin music, and Modern pop songs with a good rhythm are great as they keep my pace consistent throughout the workout.

What is your favorite jump rope challenge?

My favorite jump rope challenge is the double under. It is a challenging but highly satisfying move to pull off. Double unders involve jumping high enough to complete two rope rotations in one jump, which requires exceptional physical fitness and coordination. Also mastering the double under can help you unlock so many other fun tricks! So, learning it was essential for me.