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Flat Hair

Thin, Flat Hair? The Secrets to Adding Volume & Vitality to Your Locks

If you envy those women on IG who have great and big hair and have literally tried everything to achieve their locks, you are not alone. The fact that your hair can’t hold a curl or struggle to hold volume can be so annoying. Yes, we are happy to try a lot of things, but how many of us are willing to spend hours trying to add body to their lengths, all for it to be a waste of time and effort!

1 || Avoid Nourishing Products

While it may be tempting to indulge in deeply nourishing products or magical repairing treatments, if you want hair volume, it is advisable to avoid them. Opting for the appropriate haircare routine won’t weigh your hair down and instead provide a solid foundation for achieving volume. If you want to use nourishing conditioners, you can use them after your big event.

Make sure to wash your hair thoroughly to ensure that all product residue is properly rinsed from your hair. Leaving any residue from the shampoo and conditioner can result in your hair appearing flat, dull, and heavy.

2 || Play With How You Style It

Simple yet effective. Just change how you usually do it. If your go-to hairstyle is middle parting, change it to the side and ta-da.

Another way that will change your voluminous game is to put your hair in a pineapple hairstyle after blowdrying with a volumizing spray. Leave it while you get ready and just before you head out, take it out. Enjoy the instant lift and texture.

If you’re blowdrying your hair, do it in the opposite direction to which they fall. The trick hair is to wait for your hair to cool down before you flip it back otherwise you’ll lose the lift you’ve created fast.

3 || Use Volumizing Mist

Not a spray nor a spritz… Yes, we have advised you to avoid heavy products, but a texturizing mist is essential for adding body to your hair. Flip your hair upside down, brush it from roots to ends, and mist a good but lightweight mist, then flip your hair back into its original position.

4 || Mousse Actually Works

Opt for a good and lightweight product. Apply on wet or dry roots, and do a light blow-dry using your fingers. You won’t expect the results.

5 || Do It Your Mom Way

Old is gold as they say. One effective way to achieve volume is by using rollers on your hot blow-dried hair. Rollers are particularly beneficial for adding volume around the crown, giving the hair a lush fullness you can’t get otherwise.