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2023 Spring Trend Guide || The Mermaid Vibes

Move over Barbie, the story now is all about the mermaid aesthetic. Think lots of sparkles, sheer and delightful pastel colors like lilac, seafoam green, and easy pink. 

1 || Pastels 

Mermaid Vibes

Icy pastels were the favored color palette by designers. The catwalk gave us a lot of peaceful energy with all the rosy pink, baby blue, and soft lilac hues. Its feminine and calming effect made us miss sunny spring days so much. But do we really have to wait for spring to try this trend out? 

2 || Sheer 

Mermaid Vibes

With the rise of the translucent trend, designers seem to have a better understanding of where to reveal and where to conceal. The trend now is so versatile, making it easier to embrace nudity in more subtle and chic ways. So if transparent pieces weren’t something on your list, the runways might convince you otherwise. If you find it a bit intimidating to expose too much, you can wear your sheer top over your basic one or opt for sheer panels to give an interesting textural element to your preppy looks. 

3 || Iridescent

Mermaid Vibes

Whether you are in quest for a sparkly skirt, dress, shoes, or handbag designers have got your back! There was a plethora of iridescent pieces on this spring runway. The beauty of this trend is that it gives you the best of many worlds, from the shine of actual glitter (without all the mess), to the colorful fun, and the fairytale effect. So if you are looking for something sleek, playful, and edgy, you might want to consider investing in an iridescent item. 

4 || Diamantè

Mermaid Vibes

Delightful diamantè is always a good idea. No longer reserved for the holiday season, sometimes a touch of diamantè on a pair of boots or earrings, a crystal-encrusted bag, an embellished party dress, or maybe a rhinestone water bottle feels like the perfect option. 

5 || The Bustier 

Mermaid Vibes

It is not something that many can do. But for all the daring women out there, you may want to choose your bra carefully next time, as they can be worn as your only top now. We have seen leather, denim, silk, and lace bras worn as tops on the runways and streets alike. If you are not into much revealing, you can wear a sheer top over your bra or even twist things up a bit and wear your bra over your top.