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Fall Color Trends

The Fall 2023 Color Trends Beyond Barbie Pink

It is interesting how fashion trends are now more grounded in the everyday. Looking at the runways, we can see clearly that designers are considering the importance of dressing for real life. But with that emphasis on wardrobe basics, there is always a place for a touch of fantasy! Here is where fall 2023’s color trends come to create a sweet balance of both concepts: a day-to-day closet that’s practical but also sprinkled with wondrous joy.

1 || Shades Of Brown

Fall Color Trends

Just as soft pastels are intrinsic to spring, browns are signature to fall.

From chocolate brown to salty caramel, all shades of brown are in this fall. Put on your latte-inspired look for an extra dose of coziness. 

2 || Fiery Red

Fall Color Trends

If you love red, it is your moment of glory. Spicy red shades were one of the most dominant trends of the season. Many looks featured head-to-toe red and we expect to see this look a lot off the runways come fall. If you are not ready to fully embrace the trend, you can opt for one statement piece instead.

3 || Touch Of Yellow

Fall Color Trends

Yellow was a cheerful addition to the season’s palette. You don’t have to go summer yellow, for fall, opt for just a pop of yellow with the right accessory, or a softer yellow on an even softer fabric and you are good to roll.

4 || All Gray

Fall Color Trends

Channel the back-to-work spirit in varying shades of gray that are anything but boring. These hues were very present throughout Fall/Winter 2023 with the majority of looks featuring monochromatic gray outfits. Opt for metallic silver or a leather gray outfit to spice things up.

5 || Ice Blue

Fall Color Trends

Winter’s Ice has made its way to our wardrobes this fall. The color is so fresh and you can consider it one of fall’s neutrals. We saw it in a range of iterations from cascading shiny satin dresses to slinky knits. Regardless of the style you choose, this color is a must-have addition to your fall wardrobe.

6 || Digital Lavender 

Fall Color Trends

You might think that lavender is a spring color, but it continues to go strong for fall. And it is not only lavender, many spring pastels unexpectedly made their way to our winter closets and we can’t complain. A touch of freshness to the season’s muted color palette is always welcomed.

7 || Bright White

Fall Color Trends

White graces every season, yet its presence becomes particularly pronounced during fall. This trend was indisputably confirmed at Prada, where the most buzz-worthy elements of the collection were the fashionably adorned floral skirts and shoes, both rendered in a striking optic white. Clearly, the “no white after Labor Day” rule is no longer applied.