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This New Skincare Brand Is Gwyneth Paltrow & Kim Kardashian’s Favorite

You are probably familiar with LYMA laser; the first FDA-cleared, clinical-grade at-home laser to safely boost collagen and smooth skin over time. Loved by many celebs from Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham to Paris Hilton and a-list facialists like Joanna Czech for its powerful results.

After the laser’s impeccable success, The brand has recently introduced its LYMA Skincare line and the world is going crazy about it. Celebrities are loving topical products as much as they loved the laser.

When Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian are among the fans, this tells us something. LYMA Skincare is a two-step protocol featuring a serum and cream formulated to reverse the root causes of skin aging. The vision behind the products goes beyond reducing the signs of aging and considers the reasons why we age.

They’ve ingeniously bioengineered the products to contain an impressive 80 percent of active ingredients, a marked departure from the usual 20 percent. These groundbreaking innovations have sparked a waitlist of over 30,000 individuals, including some of our cherished stars.

Together, the serum and cream from the Starter Kit ($525) collaborate to enhance hydration, circulation, firmness, elasticity, and energy, and address redness—all supported by clinical evidence. With Before-and-after visuals exhibiting positive transformations in as little as 30 days, the kit is worth trying.