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Pant Trends

The Pant Trends That Will Replace Your Jeans For Spring

Spring trends came to satisfy our fashion and comfort cravings altogether. 

When it comes to pants, this year’s trends are very stylish yet very relaxing to meet exactly what we need at the moment. The relaxed and very trendy feeling they give might make them replace your dear jeans for the season. Here are some of the most spring trending pants that you can start wearing from now. 

1 || The Wide-Leg

Pant Trends

The wide-leg pant trend does not seem to go anywhere anytime soon. Yes, you need big pants for spring but if you think that’s it, you are mistaken. You won’t actually be done with this one until you pair it with an oversized blouse, blazer, or coat… Or maybe all three? If you choose to wear many layers over your big pants, make sure you balance everything together with a tuck or belt. If you like a more free-flowing look as seen at Phillip Lim fashion show do not hesitate. 

2 || The Sweatpants

Pant Trends

I don’t think we’ll be able to get over the comfort of our sweatpants anytime soon. That’s why designers have offered us a plethora of stylish options that we can wear whether lounging at our homes, going out to the grocery store, or for a brunch with our besties. All you have to do to take these babes to the next level is a tiny fashion twist like matching them to heels or a crop top. These pants can be transformed into a chic ensemble to make you feel and look your best.  

3 || The Low-Rise 

Pant Trends

Whether you like it or not, the low-rise pants are not going anywhere. The roomier silhouettes offered this season made these pants may be more wearable, so you might want to give them a try. When wearing a low-rise, it is best to show your waistband, and matching it to a crop top is the perfect way to do so. But let’s keep this for spring and for winter, try to match it with a tucked-in tight-knit top or wear it with a white shirt, sleek blazer, and heels. 

4 || The Cutout 

Pant Trends

Well, let us face it, these are definitely not for everyone. But when this trend is introduced by brands like Chanel and Balmain and already worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid, prepare to see them a lot more in 2022.  

5 || The Pantsuit

Pant Trends

The crisply pleated trousers that are seemingly plucked right from the dry cleaners with a distinctive crease running down the center are big this spring. If you are too lazy to iron your pant or take them to dry cleaners we recommend you to stay away from this trend. You either wear perfect-ironed pants or don’t wear them at all. 

6 || The Stylish Legging 

Pant Trends

Well, that’s more of a style trend than a pant trend. Not our favorite to be frank, but when brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton adapt this trend we just can’t skip it. If you decided to pull it off, keep things minimal and effortless, and experiment with pieces in the same fabric, print, or color family.