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One Thing You Are Maybe Missing When Picking Your Jeans

Picking the right pair of denim can be really tricky. Personally, I don’t find it easy at all… I bought a new pair recently and the comment I got from everyone when I was wearing it: “you look larger”, although my weight and measurements haven’t changed. So I got back home and stood in front of the mirror to figure out what was the issue… Yes, my jeans are to blame. Instead of sitting on the smallest part of my waist, they sat on my lower waist (the bigger part) and this made me look fatter. 

So do you pay attention to where the waistband sits when buying your jeans? This tiny detail can make a huge difference in how slim you look. In most pairs of jeans, the waistband is made with double fabric, making it the thickest part of the jeans. And when putting this thick part on the widest area of your waist, naturally, you will look fatter. To avoid this in your next denim purchase, you need to make sure that the waistband is sitting on your natural waist so it makes you look slimmer and gives the illusion of an hourglass shape.  

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How To Identify Your Natural Waist Area?

First of all, you need to understand the difference between your waistband and your natural waist area, your waistband area is the largest part of your waist which is the lower part (under your navel), on the other hand, your natural waist is actually the smallest area of your torso (above your navel). Mixing between the two when buying jeans or any piece of clothing can make or break your look. 

In most cases, your natural waist area is easily identifiable by just looking in the mirror. But if you are shopping online, you need to take your measurements. To do so, just take a tape measure and measure the circumference of this area. Keep in mind that depending on how long or short your torso is, your natural waist may be higher or lower than that of your friends.