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Traveling In The Time Of COVID

As we all flock to the beaches for our much-deserved staycation, the COVID pandemic may not be top of mind..The thing is though, it should be, as we come to terms with the new state of the world and the fact that things haven’t got back to ”normal” yet.  When we were in lockdown things were dictated to us.. Now that we are venturing out, we need to establish a set of personal rules that we feel we are able to enforce.  The governments can come up with pages and pages of documentation on what should be done, but unless you are convinced, it is unlikely that you will follow the rules. Before hitting the beach, consider these recommendations.

Vaccinated? Prepare To Prove It

Now, traveling to most countries requires taking the vaccine. That said, you need to check the restrictions for the country you are traveling to, in order to take the necessary measures in advance. In any case, if you are vaccinated we recommend you to keep the documentation that proves this with you. is a website that offers regularly updated restrictions from country to country.

You Still Need Your Sanitizer

Yep, thank god we have the vaccine now, but that doesn’t mean that COVID is over. You still need to follow the safety measures to protect yourself and your family from all types of the pandemic. You will have to touch so many public things that might increase your exposure risk. And it isn’t a given that sanitizer will be available everywhere you go, so make sure to keep one that meets safety measures with you everywhere you go.

Does Your Budget Allows For An Upgrade?

If you can afford upgrading to business or first-class go for it…. This means less exposure to others and getting off the plane sooner. If you can’t afford that, make sure to wear your mask, change it every hour, Keep your air vent open to help with air circulation and use sanitizer every time you take something from the flight attendant.

Pack Plenty Of Face Masks

You’ll want to pack plenty of face masks to keep yourself and others safe. Change your mask frequently and keep extras on hand in case you lose or damage them. You will be wearing your mask for a long periods of time so choose a comfortable fit one.

If a cloth mask feels heavy or oppressive, consider a thinner, lighter disposable face covering. If ear loops bother you, look for a face covering that ties behind your head. A plastic face shield may come in handy if you can’t wear mask at all.

Consider A Private Accommodation

This will save you so much headache. Staying in a hotel will increase your exposure risk. You will have to use the elevator, touch a lot of things that many people have used. Yes I know hotels are making so many efforts to keep you safe, but they can’t control this 100%. To ensure more safety you have the option of renting a private accommodation.

Rent A Car

If renting a car means more safety to you and your family then do so. Regular transportations like busy trains leave little room for physical distancing.. If you have no other options but to use them, make sure to keep social distance and double up on masks.