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White T-Shirt

Your Ultimate Guide To Choosing and Styling A White T-Shirt

How many times you’ve opened your IG or Pinterest for inspiration and found out that the majority of the looks you liked require a white t-shirt?

It is not a surprise, as it is a key item in everyone’s wardrobe. It helps put everything together nicely. The right white tee will soften your formal attire or elevate your casual ensemble.

But the question is: How to shop for the right piece?

The key to purchasing the perfect white tee for your needs lies in understanding how you intend to wear it. By answering this question, you’ll simplify your shopping experience and identify the specific features you require in the T-shirt you seek.

Do you want something to wear with your Jeans? Or maybe with a statement bottom? Or do you need a layering piece designed to go under a jean jacket or sweater? Here is what to look for…

With Denim

White T-Shirt

The rule of thumb here is to wear a T-shirt and jeans with a cohesive vibe. If you’re donning simple denim, go for a basic white tee. While it may sound easy, it’s actually not! Many of us mistakenly equate simplicity with ease. To balance the look out, add accessories of opposing textures. On the other hand, if you prefer to add a personal touch, you can choose any shirt you love. However, starting with a plain and simple option can be incredibly helpful if you haven’t yet discovered your unique style.

With Statement Bottoms

White T-Shirt

If you choose to pair your white tee with a statement piece, it indicates that you’re dressing up for an event rather than merely running errands. In such cases, your T-shirt should be crisp and fresh. Here, consider investing in quality without hesitation, as you’ll need something that can serve you for years to come. Accessorize with strappy sandals and gold jewelry for a perfectly-balanced look. 

With Jackets

White T-Shirt

If you intend to use your tee as a layering piece, consider opting for one with long sleeves and form-fitting. Avoid extremes in this case—you don’t want sleeves that bunch up or something that shows under a white or light-colored sweater, like a short sleeve or a tank top.

For A Fancy Night

White T-Shirt

Yes, you can take your white tee to dinner. Dress it up with an evening bottom like black leather for instance and some cool accessories. A belt or evening gloves are good options to consider.

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