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Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Reveals Her Favorite Laser Treatment

Whether in the realm of fashion or beauty, Victoria Beckham is considered an icon. Looking at her glowing skin at the age of 48, we know that she is doing something right.

Thanks to social media platforms, we can now get a closer look at our favorite celebrities’ lifestyles. Recently, Beckham revealed that her radiant skin is a result of a combination of inside-out care. Along with her good habits, Beckham shared on her Instagram that one of her latest favorite discoveries is a laser resurfacing treatment that has made all the difference. “My skin has never looked so good,” she says.

According to her plastic surgeon Ashkan Ghavami, the treatment isn’t made to turn back time; but to stop it.

“I mean, we’re not only turning the clock back, but we’re also stopping it now,” Dr. Ghavami says. “So, you’re literally not going to age anymore, and you’re set.”

As she described, Beckham underwent laser resurfacing utilizing laser beams with wavelengths of 500nm and 2000nm. These wavelengths effectively penetrate the skin, reaching a depth of approximately one centimeter below the surface, and further target and treat skin damage at deeper levels. 

Her hydrated and healthy skin made her a great candidate for the laser treatment which requires a good “canvas” as her doctor says. 

“Victoria is what we call a great canvas to start with, she has great bone structure, good skin,” Dr. Ghavami says. “What the bone structure does is, first of all, the skin is draped over and is tented over bone structure. When you laser it or when you do any treatment that tightens that collagen, it’s going to really be almost boosted. It’s going to have a very powerful effect without a lot of effort.”

Beckham has undergone a combination of semi-ablative and non-ablative treatments. The ablative treatment involves removing the outer layer of the skin, whereas non-ablative lasers stimulate collagen production beneath the top layer without removing it. By using these treatments together, they encourage the skin to regenerate with minimal injury.

With the help of her skincare fav products, Beckham only required one week to heal.