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You’ll Be Wearing This Nail Trend All Summer Long

Yes, you may not be sitting at the beach right now, but believe us you’ll feel like you are with the latest sea glass-inspired manicure.

What Are Sea Glass Nails?

Imagine those pieces of glass that have been swept around in the ocean for months! They are super pretty this is why we love to see and collect.

sea glass nails are exactly like they sound, a semi-sheer, cool-toned manicure with a matte finish.

Imparts a sense of calm, the trend is made for summer. Super refreshing and easy to DIY and customize to your liking with whichever shades spark your fancy.

How To Get?

In order to achieve the enchanting sea glass texture, your usual cream polishes might not be enough. Opt for jelly polishes instead, as they provide a sheer, translucent layer of color that resembles the allure of Jello. These polishes are perfect for capturing the see-through charm of sea glass.

Resist the urge to apply multiple layers for more coverage. You actually want that glass-like consistency where the polish is almost transparent while maintaining an air of mystery, just like a handful of sea glass washed ashore. That said opt for two coats instead of three. Unleash your creativity by layering a few colors together, painting each finger with a different shade, or even experimenting with striped patterns if you possess a steady hand. A matte topcoat will ensure you get the frosted look that really screams sea glass.

Once you master this, you can go a step further and add some sparkle by adding a layer of chunky glitter.