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Grey Blending Trend

Rock The Grey Blending Trend & Celebrate Your Natural Grey Hair

Like wrinkles, grey hair is inevitable. Some people choose to cover it completely, while others see it as a sign of wisdom. But a new group of individuals likes to sit somewhere in between embracing the new hair trend: blended greys.

Lately, there has been a movement towards embracing what you naturally have with some enhancements, and grey blending is the new movement in hair color.

So what is it exactly?

Grey Blending Trend

Grey blending is done by applying highlights or balayage through the hair.  It can offset or accentuate grey strands depending on the colors you pair them with.

Your hair stylist will start by lightening larger sections of your hair with a soft balayage, then enhance the effect on select finer strands to effortlessly blend in your gray hair. The result is a natural-looking contrast between lightened and colored strands, adding depth and dimension to your hair while embracing the beauty of gray. The cherry on top is that this technique can be done on any original color, whether it’s a deep brown, warm red, or bright blonde.

Grey Blending Trend

What we really love about it is that due to the light coloring, it requires minimum maintenance. Therefore, a visit to the salon every few months is sufficient.

The technique is worth trying as it enables a graceful transition to grey hair, encouraging you to embrace your natural beauty at any age with immense confidence and self-acceptance. And we think it looks super cool.