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Hair-Washing Mistakes

These 6 Hair-Washing Mistakes Might Be Damaging Your Hair

Washing your hair is crucial to keep it looking healthy and clean. However, you might be unintentionally doing it wrong, which means not getting the best results and potentially damaging your locks. Fixing your hairwashing routine is the first step towards achieving healthier and fresher-looking hair. Here are 6 common mistakes you need to avoid.

1 || Improper Hair Wetting

If you don’t wet every strand of your hair before applying shampoo, you are doing it wrong. The water needs to reach every part of your hair for a deep clean. So make sure to stand under the shower for a minute or two before shampooing, section your hair, and perhaps run your fingers through it to double-check that water has reached from the root to the ends of your hair.

2 || Overshampooing 

Many of us think that when it comes to shampooing, the more, the better. In fact, it is the opposite. Washing your hair daily or using too much shampoo in one wash can wreak havoc on it. 

So, how many times should you wash your hair? It really depends on your hair type and your lifestyle. The general rule is to deep clean your hair every two days; you can wash it less or more often depending on how fast it gets oily and whether you work out every day or not. As for the amount of shampoo and conditioner to use, a coin-sized amount is enough for most people. If you feel that your hair needs a more thorough wash, don’t use a double dose. Instead, rinse the first application and do a second one.

3 || Skipping Conditioner 

Skipping conditioner might save you time, but it means your hair is missing out on a lot. A good conditioner plays a crucial role in hydrating your hair, enhancing its shape, softness, and shine, and improving the overall curl structure. To make the most of your conditioner, remember the golden tip: remove excess water from your hair before applying the product. This allows the conditioner to deeply penetrate and coat every strand effectively.

4 || Neglecting The Scalp 

A clean scalp equals clean hair. When washing your hair, focus on shampooing the scalp, not the hair itself. As it is what truly matters in maintaining cleanliness. So, the next time you wash your hair, massage the shampoo into your scalp rather than concentrating on the lengths of your hair. Additionally, avoid rubbing the ends of your hair, as this can damage the cuticle. 

5 || Not Detangling Before Washing 

As you know, our hair is more vulnerable when wet. So do your hair a favor and detangle it before stepping into the shower. 

6 || Haphazardly Switching Your Products

Your hair doesn’t adapt fast to the various formulas that different hair products offer. Therefore, it’s healthier for your mane to stick to one type of shampoo or conditioner in your hair wash routine. Don’t be swayed by the alluring images from different hair care brands; instead, do your research to find the range that best suits your hair type for that season. Consistency in your hair care choices can contribute to better hair health and appearance.