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Coastal Grandmother

The Style That Is Trending Lately & How To Achieve It

We are guessing that most (if not all) of you have heard of the trending style. You may even be sporting the new viral fashion style without realizing that! The “coastal grandmother” aesthetic is taking social media and street style by storm and is considered the ultimate vibe for summer. A look that your grandmother wore with grace is now trending among 20-something girls.

So what is the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic?

A coastal grandmother style is rooted in classic ocean-side minimalism but isn’t overly preppy. An entire lifestyle inspired by the aesthetic portrayed in Nancy Meyers movies. Think a breezy oversized button-up, a cool hat (to keep the sun off your face), and cozy knits in various shades of ecru. If you have watched Something’s Gotta Give and remember Diane Keaton’s look, you know what we are talking about.

Coastal Grandmother

Obviously, you don’t have to be 40 or above to adopt this look. As mentioned it is actually going viral among young ladies. Even some celebrities have sported the trend like Anne Hathaway who showed her support for the #coastalgrandmother aesthetic on her Instagram saying “may this moment never end.”

Some women (even young ones) have this style naturally. Otherwise, you can nail it yourself with a few tricks… Dress head to toe in shades of oatmeal, and cream, try a button-down, and wear it with worn-in jeans to dinner, wear a signature stack of gold jewelry, curated over time from flea markets, and show up to every occasion in a straw hat.

How To Achieve The Look?

  1. Barefoot is preferred as you live on the beach in this trend. But for city dwellers, pair your ensemble with slides or Birkenstocks for a chic footnote.
  2. Mix up textures to add interest: different shades and fabrics give this trend depth.
  3. Comfort comes first in this trend. Nothing too tight or restrictive!
  4. Mix soft and feminine textures to make your look unique to you.
  5. Keep your palette beige. Color is a big no-no for this trend.